Executing a Quick Scan based on available information, in order to identify Risks regarding compliance for a specific software publisher, as well as possible steps to address and improve Asset Management related processes & activities in general and related to the SAM tool.


Provide an overall general insight into the status of a specific software publisher regarding:

  • Compliance and possible risks and optimisations
  • Completeness and trustworthiness of publisher data available in the ServiceNow SAM environment


  • Analysis of publisher dossier (Contracts, entitlements) to understand the context and possible risks for a specific software publisher
  • Check of the data available in the SAM tool (registrations, inventory, entitlements), based on best practices Softline Solutions and ServiceNow
  • Check of technical configuration and completeness of SAM tool, based on best practices Softline Solutions

Customer outcomes

  • Overview of the main risks and optimisation possibilities for a specific publisher based on best practices, market knowledge, and combined information from publisher dossier and tooling
  • Suggested actionable follow up to mitigate the risks and realise optimisation, including ‘low hanging fruit’ to get an immediate ROI
  • Overview of SAM tool status to provide the correct information to manage the publisher
  • Advice on possible improvements to SAM tool (from functional and technical perspective)
  • Advice on possible improvements in processes to improve the overall information on the publisher


Softline Solutions gets access to the publisher dossier for a specific publisher (under NDA) and to the ServiceNow SAM environment, to be able to perform several checks and controls. This information is combined with market knowledge, licensing knowledge and our best practices and in-depth knowledge of SAM tooling, to create a full and clear picture for the customer - including advice. The average cost of a full scan will be around € 4.000, the average optimisation potential will definitely exceed that value.

In general, the full quick scan will provide results within 1 week after having received access to the publisher dossiers and tooling, which means a quick ROI.