Look at savings in a more strategic way, don't settle for small savings!

Do you want to realise cost savings on your IT spend? Application Portfolio Management offers you a number of opportunities to achieve those savings.


Prioritising those savings from a tiered model perspective, helps you identify:

  • Quick wins - the first 10% of cost savings
  • Efficiency optimisation - up to 20% of cost savings
  • Organisational optimisation - up to 30% of cost savings
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About the author:

Ash is an experienced ITAM Consultant and mentor. With his many years of experience in the broad ITAM field, he manages to help organisations to move forward in their journey to high(er) ITAM maturity levels. Ash is the lead Certified trainer for IAITAM courses offered by the Softline Academy to professionals who want to take their ITAM practice to the next level.

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